Meet Morrow
Here's a list of our team members here at Summit, feel free to reach out to them and say hi!
Pat Riley
Chris Radigan
VP of Operations
Brittany Maxwell
Julie Phifer
Emma Rosse
Molly Kasen
Member Experience
Madeline Wallace
Sean Duffy
John Moore
Marty Foy
Steve Hayton
Summit Schedule
Over the course of the three days, your time will be spent contributing to an essential conversation about the future we want to build and learning practical skills to evolve your startup support organization. You will spend time connecting with peers and building your network across the community, here is a full breakdown of the event:
Wednesday, Oct 12th, 2022
5:00 PM
Cocktail Reception
Mission Bay Patio
6:20 PM
Welcome to Summit
Mission Bay Room
6:30 PM
Mission Bay Room
7:00 PM
Expectation Setting
Mission Bay Room
7:15 PM
Keynote One - Last and Next Decade with Pat Riley
Mission Bay Room
8:00 PM
Mission Bay Patio
Thursday, Oct 13th, 2022
7:00 aM
Lobby Lagoon
8:00 aM
Mission Bay Patio
9:00 aM
Welcome to Day Two
Mission Bay Room
9:15 aM
Keynote Two - Growing Venture Scale Companies in 2022 and Beyond with Amy Chang
Mission Bay Room
9:45 aM
State of Ventures Accelerators - Led by Chenoa Farnsworth, GAN Member, Blue Startups
Mission Bay Room
10:00 aM
State of Ventures Studios - Led by Tom Higley, GSSN Member, X Genesis
Mission Bay Room
10:15 aM
State of Ventures Hubs - Led by Devon Laney, GHN Member, 36 Degrees North
Mission Bay Room
10:45 aM
Break - Carta Coffee
Mission Bay Foyer
11:00 aM
Breakout Session One
How to Plan and Withstand an Economic Downturn - Room 701
Top Strategies for Acquiring Funding - Room 703
Branding and Marketing Strategies - Room 705
Impact Options for the Future - Room 707
How to Position Yourself to Larger Organizations without Losing your Soul - Room 709
12:00 pM
Mission Bay Foyer
12:30 pM
Keynote Three - How To Transform the World and Not Merely Change It with Prof. Irshad Manji
Mission Bay Room
1:30 pM
1:45 pM
Breakout Session Two
Best practices in Supporting Internationalization - Room 701
Investment Trends - Room 703
Continuing Conversation with Prof. Irshad Manji - Room 705
When and How to Engage with Startups - Room 707
Scaling a Startup Support Organization - Room 709
3:00 pM
Lemonade and Lawn Games by AMEX
Executive Lawn
5:15 pM
Cocktail Hour
Mission Bay Patio
6:30 pM
Mission Bay Room
7:00 pM
Keynote Four - A Vision for Our Investments with Phillip Lorish
Mission Bay Room
8:00 pM
S'mores and Music on the Beach
Paradise Cove
Friday, Oct 14th, 2022
7:00 aM
Lobby Lagoon
8:00 aM
Mission Bay Patio
9:00 aM
Welcome Day Three
Mission Bay Room
9:25 aM
Breakout Session Three
Sustainability and Funding Sources - Room 701
Aligning your Corporate Startup Program Internally - Room 703
Dealing with the Ups and Downs of Uncertainties - Room 705
Operating an Efficient EIR Model - Room 707
Finding Startups for your Programs - Room 709
10:05 AM
Break - Zendesk Coffee
Mission Bay Foyer
10:20 AM
Closing Conversation
Mission Bay Room
10:45 AM
Group Picture
10:50 AM
End (Resort check out time)
Event Map
Here's a detailed map of Paradise point, the areas highlighted in yellow denote key areas for Summit activities.
Amy Chang
Amy Chang is a strategy and financial executive with 25+ years of experience in publicly-traded and privately-held companies.

Amy brings board corporate governance experience as a strategy and financial
expert, investor relations executive, and former auditor/CPA. She is also a board
member, advisor, and investor of privately-held companies.

Amy will be providing insight into the next generation of venture investing and how she is preparing startups for the change.
Dr. Philip Lorish
Philip Lorish is one of the world’s leading researchers on what systems we can build to increase human flourishing.

Philip works to assist early-stage entrepreneurs across a variety of fields to think more critically about both how and what they build. He does this by helping founders think about the problems they face within the context of history, philosophy, and ethics.

Philip will speak on what we can do, as leaders of startups, to build products and services that lead to a more Whole Economy.
Professor Irshad Manji
Professor Irshad Manji is the founder of the Moral Courage Network. A prize-winning leadership professor at New York University for many years, she now teaches with the Oxford Initiative for Global Ethics and Human Rights.

Her research is referenced globally, and she’s been featured on shows like Real
Time with Bill Maher. The recipient of Oprah's "Chutzpah Award" for boldness,
Irshad is also a New York Times bestselling author.

Irshad will share why and how productive communication has drastically decreased, how that impacts our ability to market and understand customer needs, and what we can do as leaders of startups to encourage, promote and model healthy communication between us.
Special Thanks
We would like to thank all of the partners who provide resources, innovation opportunities, and mentorship for our startup founders. You empower our community and create a more whole ecosystem.

Special thanks to American Express, Carta, Zendesk, and Chargebee for contributing to the GAN Summit and making this event possible.
Questions or concerns?
If you encounter any problems whilst at the resort or need any assistance then you can speak to any of our team, or contact Julie at the below number.

Helpline: Julie Phifer +1 (315) 289-8290
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I get more than two tickets?
Yes! Only the first two tickets are free so please email us at [email protected] if you would like more than two tickets.
Is there a dress code?
Whatever you're comfortable in. We suggest casual wear for the daytime and smart casual for the evenings.
Is there a shuttle service from San Diego International Airport to the resort?
No. You will need to arrange transportation to the resort, located at:

1404 Vacation Road, San Diego, CA 92109
How do I get to the resort?
Whether you need to get to and from the airport, or simply want to explore the surrounding area, the resort offers a variety of transportation options for guests. Located near major attractions such as SeaWorld, and the San Diego Zoo, the hotel’s Guest Service department will happily assist with public transportation plans, or help arrange taxi, shuttle, limo service, or car rentals.

The resort is located just 15 minutes from San Diego Airport. Taxis, shuttles and ride-sharing services are available at all airport terminal curbsides for service to the hotel.
For guests using their personal vehicle or a rental car, the hotel offers reserved doorstep parking directly outside guest rooms for $40 per car per night for added convenience and safety.

San Diego International (Lindbergh Field) Airport – 10 minutes from hotel.
Carlsbad (McClellan – Palomar) Airport – 50 minutes from hotel
What is check-in/check-out time?
Check-in time starts at 4:00 PM. Check-out time is at 11:00 AM.
Do I need to rent a car?
All activities will be held at Paradise Point Resort, so you will not need a car to get around during the event itself, unless you have plans before or after the event where you’ll need a car.
What is the plan for being COVID safe?
We're excited to be back in person for Summit this year but respect that COVID-19 is still affecting our communities and impacting those we care about the most. As such we want to take a common sense approach to COVID that's routed in respect for the health and wellbeing of our attendees. We request that all of our attendees:

- Work with us as we follow local, state and CDC guidelines for gathering safely.
- Remain at home if ill or symptomatic.
- Continue wearing masks in all public indoor spaces if unvaccinated.

In addition, this Summit will be limited capacity and held outdoors where possible, with single-direction flow of traffic where applicable. We will be providing masks to those that feel more comfortable with a mask.

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